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About Makaveli Traders

Welcome to Makaveli Traders, your premier destination for unlocking the secrets of successful cryptocurrency trading. Founded by the esteemed Rita Benjamin, widely known as Amuche  Bitcoin Gorilla in the crypto industry, our platform brings over 7 years of Rita’s invaluable experience in trading cryptocurrencies.

makaveli traders Founder Rita Benjamin popularly called Bitcoin Gorilla
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Unlock the secrets of crypto trading with Makaveli Traders!

MT Pandora Box Strategy

Rita Benjamin, a seasoned figure in the crypto space, has carved her niche with a unique approach to trading. Her extensive journey in the market has led to the development of a distinctive crypto trading strategy known as MT Pandoras Box. This strategy, rooted in the simplicity of price action and void of traditional indicators, has proven to be a game-changer in the crypto landscape.

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Jessica Adams

"Makaveli Traders Academy is a game-changer. The course's perfect blend of theory and practical insights, along with personalized coaching and live sessions with the founder, has significantly boosted my confidence. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about mastering crypto trading."

bitcoin trading masterclass online

John Ben

"Makaveli Traders Academy took my crypto trading skills to the next level. The advanced technical analysis, live trading sessions, and mentorship refined my approach. Highly recommended for traders at all levels."

eth anf bitcoin trading masterclass

Mr Aje Lamdy

"Makaveli Crypto Trading Academy is the perfect starting point for entering the crypto space. The well-designed course structure, daily sessions with the founder, and valuable mentorship have been crucial to my growth. Grateful to be part of the Makaveli community."

a man futures trading bitcoin at makaveli traders

Ibrahim Mohammed

"Makaveli Traders Academy exceeded my expectations. The depth on fundamental and technical analysis, focus on price action, and real-world application in live trading sessions are exceptional. If you're serious about mastering cryptocurrency trading, this is the real deal."

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