Mastering Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

A Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

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Makaveli Traders Course Features

Course Features:

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Daily Sessions Led by the Founder
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Access to Exclusive Learning Materials and Resources
  • Community Interaction and Q&A Sessions

Choose your preferred trading style or explore a combination that aligns with your goals. At Makaveli Traders Academy, we provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success, integrating fundamental and technical analyses into every facet of your crypto trading journey.

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Day Trading Mastery:

*Approach: Intraday strategies for quick, short-term gains.
* Analysis: Leverage both fundamental and technical analysis.
Execution: Real-time decision-making for rapid execution.

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Swing Trading Excellence:

*Approach: Capitalize on medium-term market trends.
*Analysis: Utilize technical analysis and MT Pandoras Box for precise entries and exits.
*Execution:Ideal for those with a busy schedule seeking a balanced trading approach.

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Scalping Techniques:

* Approach: Micro-trades to capture minimal price fluctuations.
*Analysis: Employ advanced technical indicators and MT Pandoras Box for precision.
*Execution:Ideal for traders comfortable with high-frequency, short-duration trades.

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Market Maker Tracking:

* Approach: Utilize MT Pandoras Box to follow money moves.
Analysis: Incorporate both fundamental and technical analyses.
* Execution: Identify opportune moments and avoid potential rug pulls, gaining insights into the subtle dynamics of the crypto market.

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What You’ll Learn

Unveil the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading and investing with Makaveli Traders. Our comprehensive training program, the Makaveli Crypto Trading Academy, seamlessly guides you from a beginner to an expert level. Acquire proficiency in crypto fundamental and technical analysis, unraveling the complexities of technical jargon to trade cryptocurrency derivatives/futures, spot, staking, and investing from the ground up. This training is enriched with personalized coaching, daily sessions led by the founder, and a lifetime mentorship. Makaveli Traders equips you with the knowledge and skills essential to confidently navigate the dynamic realm of crypto trading. Whether you're a newcomer or seeking to refine your expertise, our program promises a transformative journey toward financial success and freedom. Join us now to unlock the secrets of profitable crypto trading.

Course Material Includes

Course Curriculum

Weeks 1-3: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

Understanding the Basics of Cryptocurrencies

Overview of Major Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Weeks 4-6: Crypto Fundamental Analysis

Evaluating Blockchain Projects

Assessing Tokenomics and Whitepapers

Fundamental Factors Impacting Crypto Prices

Weeks 7-9: Technical Analysis Fundamentals

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Price Action Principles and Candlestick Patterns

Overview of Technical Indicators in Crypto Trading

Weeks 10-12: Advanced Technical Analysis and Practical Trading

In-Depth Study of Technical Indicators (MACD, RSI, Moving Averages and more)

Advanced Candlestick Patterns and Chart Patterns

Price Action Strategies for Spot and Derivatives Trading

Practical Trading Sessions (Weeks 10-12):

Live Trading Sessions with Founder

Applying Technical Analysis in Real-Time

Risk Management Strategies

Reviewing and Analyzing Trades

Additional Components Throughout the Course:

Psychological Aspects of Trading

Building a Trading Plan

Risk Management Techniques

Introduction to Algorithmic Trading

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Jessica Adams

"Makaveli Traders Academy is a game-changer. The course's perfect blend of theory and practical insights, along with personalized coaching and live sessions with the founder, has significantly boosted my confidence. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about mastering crypto trading."

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John Ben

"Makaveli Traders Academy took my crypto trading skills to the next level. The advanced technical analysis, live trading sessions, and mentorship refined my approach. Highly recommended for traders at all levels."

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Mr Aje Lamdy

"Makaveli Crypto Trading Academy is the perfect starting point for entering the crypto space. The well-designed course structure, daily sessions with the founder, and valuable mentorship have been crucial to my growth. Grateful to be part of the Makaveli community."

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Ibrahim Mohammed

"Makaveli Traders Academy exceeded my expectations. The depth on fundamental and technical analysis, focus on price action, and real-world application in live trading sessions are exceptional. If you're serious about mastering cryptocurrency trading, this is the real deal."

Our Live Training Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your needs for Trading and Investing and embark on your journey to mastering cryptocurrency trading with Makaveli Traders Academy.

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