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Here is Why XRP Will Big PUMP, XRP Price Prediction

xrp price prediction

This is a full technical analysis on Xrp using price action to enable us to get a clear XRP price prediction for the rest of 2021 up till the end of the first quarter of 2022. This coin is currently experiencing sideways caused as a result of the retest of the last breakout from a long-time consolidation range of $0.3 range.

Learn, Trade And Earn Crypto with Bitcoin Gorilla 24/7 Embedding Style Sheets

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A retest that extended from the Last All-Time High of $1.97 resistance range. This will be a multiple timeframe analysis using references from 4hrs, 1day, 1week chart. This three-chart timeframe when combined should be speaking the same language to give us a clear confirmation of what direction to expect the current sideways next breakout for XRP will be.

XRP Price Prediction Base On 4hrs Chart Records

I will start by taking a deeper look at XRP on 4hrs from the chart below. Considering only technical analysis without any xrp news base opinion.

XRp coin price prediction 2021
XRP 4hrs chart drawn using Bitcoin Gorilla Special Box strategy

XRP crypto price on 4hrs chart shows clearly that price is currently consolidation on a support which is the bottom of the green box in the chart above.

It is no coincidence that the buyer’s uptrend trending trendline has price respectfully sitting comfortably on it on a third touch since the recovery from the last dump started. This is significant because Now, unlike most altcoins like ETH, LTC, etc that quickly recovered with New ATH, XRP has been doing exactly the opposite by battling the same resistance area of $1.41 over and over again, each time returning to the 1.2 to 0.8 range(weekly support).

The good thing about this equal high forming around $1.4 is that the buyers are constantly holding up a clear bull/uptrend market structure of higher lows.

What do these market structures say?

It clearly shows that buyers are gradually gaining ground by respecting the uptrend white slanting trendline and could potentially have enough buy order laying around that support that will prevent the price from falling too further down(at least not too far than 0.9 at worst no matter the selling pressure).

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XRP Price Prediction Base on 1Day Chart Records

It’s a whole different view from the daily chart on XRP. Here the chart appears clearer. Take a closer look at the chart below.

XRP crypto coin price prediction 2021
XRP Daily chart drawn using Bitcoin Gorilla Crypto price action box strategy

This is crypto and we shouldn’t blindly forget or underrate what these bears are capable of doing as a result of the sideways. As long as XRP price is still trading within the sideways, both buyers and sellers are still in equilibrium and price can take a turn at any time while within that area of consolidation.

If the buyers for any reason lose hold of the current support, then I do see the sellers pushing the buyers a little lower to the previous support around $0.8 area, but I only see this happening as a result of XRP probably reacting to the general crypto market as Bitcoin is currently not looking good but I don’t think this will stop XRP entire.

XRP might react but will quickly remain ground to kick start a possible $2 pump. The daily chart if buyers succeed in holding down that white trendline could lead to an attack of the 1.4 resistance area sooner than you think. If the pullback takes place then this will prolong the time of breakout and could lead to this lasting to the 1st quarter of 2022 but it could happen sooner if the bulls have consistent money force or demand.

XRP Crypto Coin Price Prediction For 2022 Base On Weekly Chart Report

If you are looking at investing in XRP for a minimum period of 6months, To give you a long-term XRP Price Prediction, We might have to look at a higher timeframe chart like the Weekly Chart below. The good thing about the higher timeframe charts is that the charts tend to be less noisy with lesser candles than the daily and 4hrs charts do. see what I mean in the chart below.

xrp pprice prediction
XRP Weekly chart showing Bitcoin Gorilla box strategy

To make the box strategy easy to understand, I have tried to use callouts to show the weekly major support and resistance. The middlebox(blue pained are is very important to put into consideration as this also happens to be the middle of the weekly bigger box below.

XRP price prediction 2022
XRP Weekly chart drawn using Bitcoin Gorilla Crypto price action box strategy

We see that the chances of a strong bounce are high as this weekly support is stronger than both the daily and 4hrs. this support is $0.87 area. We see a clear bullish hammer sitting on the blue box support area(highlighted in the white area at the bottom of the blue rectangle). This area will make it quite difficult for the sellers to break through But a piercing is possible. I do see the bull completing their Journey to the top of the box to retest the last All-Time High (ATH) resistance are. There is a high chance they will clear this previous ATh to form a new ATH in 2022(possibly around March 2022).


From the above overview analysis on XRP chart using multiple timeframes, I do see a good Big PUMp coming to XRP in 2022 But the current Sideways can take some time to completely breakout so even if we start to pump from the base on 4hrs chart,l BTC Dump could affect XRP by any means just like most altcoins react to BTC sell-offs to an extend yes but I do see XRP price taking a quick run once XRP buyers break above the current $1.4 resistance Range. No matter what happens, XRp bulls do have plans of kicking $$2 good buy very soon to a new ATH. For Live Crypto technical Analysis, Subscribe to our Channel on Youtube


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