Makaveli Traders Basic Membership Payment Plan

The Basic Plan can be paid in 3 monthly installments of $99 each

cryptocurrency Spot trading masterclass

Why Choose Us


Not everyone has the financial capacity to pay for the program in full upfront, but the payment plan option provides the flexibility to spread out payments over time, making it easier to budget and manage finances


By breaking up the cost of the program into smaller, more manageable monthly payments, it becomes more affordable for students who may not have been able to afford the program otherwise.

Opportunity to start immediately

With the payment plan option, students can start the program right away and begin learning, rather than having to wait until they can afford the full payment upfront.

No additional cost

The payment plan option does not come with any additional fees or interest charges, so students can rest assured that they will not be paying more than the original cost of the program.

Makaveli Traders Premium Membership Payment Plan

while the Premium Plan can be paid in 6 monthly installments of $199 each(No trading material or tools included)

cryptocurrency Spot trading masterclass

MT Students LIVE Trade results / Testimonials

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“Hmm.. Thank you MT, you have taught us to be patience and trade the clear trend we see. I'm just following those lessons and also still practising to become better. May God bless you for all the lessons”
makaveli Traders crypto trading academy
“Impressive results, I thank God for meeting you, I appreciate your energy and passion for crypto, God Bless your efforts. I have seen significant profits since trading with you”
Mr Johnson
“thank you MT, All my coins on Spot has made over 300%, .”

makaveli traders crypto trading academy
John Waino

Our Scholarship Program

To help those who cannot afford the program, a scholarship program will be implemented to provide financial assistance for up to 10% of the total number of seats available in each program cycle. Applicants will be required to submit an application and show proof of financial need..