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CHR Price Prediction Dec 2021, Why Chromia Coin Is Dumping,

CHR price made a quick move up to hit a new All-Time High price of $1.5 today Nov 20 2021 on Binance Futures today. Can the buyers sustain the current buy power? Will the sellers instead take over from here to hit a previously broken resistance at the range of $1.1 down to $0.8 support?

Learn, Trade And Earn Crypto with Bitcoin Gorilla 24/7 Embedding Style Sheets

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Let’s see what the charts have to say about the next direction CHR is most likely to take next. Starting with 4hrs Chart Below.

CHR price prediction base on 4hrs chart

Chromia crypto coin
Chr 4hrs chart by bitcoin gorilla

The above 4hr Chromia coin chart shows a short-term CHR price prediction. You can see the white buyer’s trendline slanting upward has clearly been respected since the break out from as low as $0.4. the issue here is that the same buyer’s line has multiple hits in the past 5 times. ( each hit makes the trendline weaker and prone to breaking).

CHr Price prediction in dec 2021
Chr Price prediction

CHr price is currently trading around $1.39 if the support I talked about above breaks, I do expect the price to seek for much stronger support around $1.110 down to $0.89 support range(good to have a protective stop loss just in case. The bigger buy area is around the $0.77 to $0.6(This is only if these sellers break the $1 support and fail to bounce.

Watch CHR full video Technical Analysis

CHR price prediction base on daily chart


The Daily chart shows that a pullback is likely of the daily doest close above $1.5, If a new candle forms a lower high could lead to the rest of Nov leading to the retest of $1 range.

What is the Full CHR price prediction below using Bitcoin Gorilla crypto price action technical analysis?


My conclusion based on the above analysis is that sellers are most likely to push CHR price to $1 to retest the current breakout but I do see a sideways move taking place at the current resistance. To continue this move to the upside, CHR will need to hold price above $1.48 if it enables further upward move else I do see dump hitting from the current resistance area.

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